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"Rob, I would like to personally thank you for your wonderful book, Getting Your Foot in the Door When You Don't Have a Leg to Stand On. We've used the book in two of our monthly employee enrichment seminars called 'Gaining Perspectives.' The employees at the American Express Payment Center have found the information most valuable and timely."

Nan Kraus, Leadership Developer
American Express Company, Inc. 



"As the Director of Career Services at the International Academy of Design and Technology, I was tasked with finding the best text for use in our Professional Development and Professional Practices classes that are required for all students. The text that we had been using, What Color Is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles, was ineffective in instructing our student population on what they should expect and what is expected of them when entering the “real world” after graduation. We needed something that spoke to the students, that they could identify with while letting them know that they are not the only ones who haven’t learned the process and etiquette of getting their first job. Thank God I stumbled upon, Getting Your Foot In The Door When You Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On. After reviewing the book, I knew immediately that it was the right book for our Professional Development Courses."

Kara M. Killeen, Corporate Manager of Career Services
Career Education Corporation




"Get hired, get promoted and earn more money by learning the hiring game from the insiders’ insider."

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

“It is the best work on this subject I have ever come across. I even think some of the advice is applicable for life and not just an interview.”  

—Al Roehl, Executive Vice President, Global Operations 

Leo Burnett Company, Inc.  



This is the ideal how-to-do-it book for the first-time, entry-level job seeker. It is practical, specific and reassuring as well as highly readable and entertaining. Every college senior should own this book.”  

—Pete Henderson, Executive Vice President (retired)

Right Janotta Bray


"Instead of waiting around for a phone call after the job interview or wondering what you should do next, Rob Sullivan helps you develop a step-by-step strategy to market yourself. He gives clear, precise examples of what to do (and more important, what NOT to do) to land your dream job. When looking for a new career, this is one book you should not put off reading."




"Rob Sullivan offers insights for students in how to market themselves in the best possible way. He provides examples of how actual people have used this knowledge to propel themselves into opportunities that fulfill their life's dreams. Our students have commented that Rob's wisdom and style of writing encouraged them in their own job search."

  Elly Tucker, Career Resources Manager

University of Virginia/Charlottesville



“Rob’s lectures and workshops have benefited my students in three primary ways: they showed them how to develop a strategy to effectively market themselves, improved their prospecting and interviewing skills, and inspired them to face the challenge of a job search with enthusiasm and tenacity. Best of all, Rob’s passion for this subject and vast array of colorful real-world examples truly inspired my students to approach their job search like it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Rob's charisma, sense of humor, and commanding presence in front of a group fired up my students to the point which they were brimming with confidence and anticipation.”  

—Jonathan  Cohen, Instructor

International Academy of Merchandising and Design


"Every year I see many highly talented and unique individuals leaving the military. Each one struggles to reinvent their future sans uniform. They search and settle without reaching anything that approaches their true potential. This book is for those who aspire, but don't know how, to be all they can be outside the military."


—Jim Muccio, Founder/Chairman

Simulation Support, Inc. 



“Rob's book is not just a great book for job hunters, it’s a valuable resource for executives, recruiters, headhunters, interviewers, companies, parents—everyone! A rare book of humanity, wisdom, and insight unlike any other in the category. After making sure that everyone in our office had a copy, I gave a few to my closest competitors. When I say everyone should read it, I mean it.”  

—Judi Carpenter, President

Carpenter Associates Inc.  (Executive Search)  


“Not only is Robert an articulate and compelling speaker, the substance of his presentation would be invaluable to anyone who is looking to market themselves more appropriately in their current legal job, or who is looking to market themselves in an entirely new field.”  

—Paul Chronis, Attorney

McDermott, Will & Emery  


“When I decided to change careers, I had a three-page résumé that focused exclusively on my music career. No one could figure out why I wanted to work in advertising. Everyone, myself included, focused on my lack of experience. By taking Rob’s suggestions to heart, I was able to leverage my past rather than apologize for it. After consistently applying his principles, I found my niche at Leo Burnett. Needless to say, I am thrilled!”  

—Jill Thackery, Account Executive

Leo Burnett Company, Inc.  (and former concert violinist!) 


“Much more user-friendly than the conventional rule books. . .it is a joy to read and offers an unparalleled unique approach to conveying the essentials of the entire job search process from the hunt to the catch.”

Cris Brannen

College News 


“Most job seekers in any field could benefit.”  

—Dan Fox, Executive Vice President

Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago  



“If I were looking for a job at any point in my career, this is the first book I would read. Sullivan gives us facts, but also more than that; he gives us an intuitive and shrewd approach to marketing ourselves in a Dilbert culture.”  

—Asa Baber, MEN Columnist

Playboy Magazine  


Rob Sullivan's book is richly informative, brimming with practical, sound advice and a truly entertaining and engaging read. Rob turns the difficult task of job searching into an adventure.”  

—Michelle Conrad, Co-founder

ThinkShop, Inc.  


“Sullivan walks the reader through a self-discovery process to determine, first of all, what strengths and interests are the most motivating. . .The book’s helpful content is further enhanced by meaningful quotes, relevant examples, and a useful glossary that combine to make it a tremendous value.”  

  —Mary Black

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Avg. Customer Review: (5.0 out of 5 stars!!!)


The real deal for job hunters!, December 20, 2001
Reviewer: Carsten Poulsen from Chicago

This book seemed more like a novel than a self-help reference. Everytime I opened "What Color is Your Parachute" I thought about the millions of other job hunters who were writing resumes identical to mine. 


Rob Sullivan preaches a simple philosophy of matching your strengths to an employer's needs. He directs you through the process of researching the right job and writing the proper resume so that it seems like you are the perfect person for the job. He teaches you how to interview in a way that makes you the only option for the position. 


I read this book straight through and then used it as a reference. "Getting Your Foot in the Door When You Don't Have a Leg to Stand On" identifies the areas where predictable job hunting stratagies make you no more than one in a thousand. The advice in this book gave me the courage to market myself as the right person for the right job instead of simply relying on luck. If you feel confined by "Objectives", internet job hunting, and cookie-cutter answers to interview questions, read this book. Rob Sullivan gives you the real deal.

Right Book at the Right Time, December 11, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Downers Grove, IL 60515

This book is an excellent source for anyone looking to change jobs or even careers. It offers practical advice to guide you through the entire process from determining your true career goals to negotiating the best job offer.

I have recently become a victim of down-sizing. A few years ago, I had my choice of job offers. But now I am finding that it's a completely different market out there and it takes a lot more than just sending out a resume to land a good job. I believe there are many people, like myself, who don't really know what to do.

Fortunately, this book seems to answer all my questions in a logical manner. It's a comprehensive guide in an easy to understand format. With the help of this book, I have redefined my career goals and rewritten my resume. I now feel more confident about my job search strategies.

Looking for Inspiration?, December 2, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from New York

If you are looking for inspiration in the workplace, or in anything for that matter, this book is the place to find it! Rob Sullivan's ideas are creative and logical at the same time. The examples in this book are enough to give you the encouragement you need to go after your goal, and the pointers he gives will help get you to that dream! Anyone changing jobs or just entering the job market MUST read this book!