“Did You Know There Are Actually Three Piles Your R�sum� Could End Up In?�


The first and most common pile is the Black Hole. We all know what that feels like. You apply for the job but never hear anything. This can be incredibly frustrating--especially when you know in your heart you are a perfect fit for the job.

The second pile is the one in which the potential employer--or recruiter--looks at the r�sum� and thinks, "This person looks interesting. It might be worth a phone call."

Getting a call is great, but it isn't nearly as good as the extremely rare third category in which hiring managers see your r�sum�  and think, "This person looks FANTASTIC. How soon can we get him/her in here?"

Creating a r�sum� that generates that kind of response takes time, but it absolutely worth the effort. It makes a world of difference to have an interviewer who is LOOKING FORWARD to meeting you.

If the possibility of transforming your r�sum� seems intriguing, keep reading.


Dear job seeker,

I have a few important questions that require thoughtful and honest answers: 

  • Do you ever look at your r�sum� and think: "I need to find a way to make this seem better than it is?"

  • Are you frustrated with sending out r�sum�s and never receiving a response?

  • Are you afraid your r�sum� looks so much like every other r�sum� that no one will ever call you?

  • Is just the thought of working on your r�sum� enough to make you feel insecure and unsure how marketable you really are?

  • Do you have a nagging feeling you should be doing more to come across well on paper, but have no idea how to do it?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, I have news to share.

You are NOT ALONE. In fact, all of these questions are based on the insecurities and humiliation I experienced in my own rejection-filled job search. For over 18 months, I experimented with countless variations of my r�sum� hoping (and desperately praying) to find one that got results.

I wish I could say I cracked the code at that point, but the truth is I didn't.  I created a version that sometimes worked well enough to get me an interview, but it was still pretty pathetic. It only worked because it was slightly less pathetic than the other r�sum�s. 

Through networking, persistence, and a relentless effort to prepare more effectively for interviews, I finally landed my dream job at Chicago-based advertising giant, Leo Burnett.  I was absolutely thrilled, but couldn't escape the nagging feeling I got hired in spite of my r�sum�.  Maybe it was insecurity on my part, but it was something I desperately wanted to fix.

I got my chance almost immediately as I found myself facing a constant stream of people who wanted to know how I got a company that reject me the year before to hire me a year later. In almost every case, r�sum�s were foremost on their minds.

Knowing how much I wanted that job and how hard I worked for it, I made a commitment to help anyone who came to me. For almost 10 years, I coached people but didn't charge them. More than anything, I wanted to see if it was possible to systematically and strategically approach the r�sum� in a way that would work with people across all industries and levels.

Through trial and error, we tested different approaches and gradually improved our results. 

Along the way, I was surprised to discover a not-so-obvious reason recruiters, hiring managers, and headhunters will consciously avoid calling you that has nothing to do with your experience, racial profiling, or any other form of discrimination.

Believe it or not, I'm talking about your name.

If you have a name that seems difficult to pronounce and could belong to a man or a woman, I can almost guarantee you won't get phone calls.

Why? Because employers are human and don't want to embarrass themselves.  The fix is incredibly easy: Include a phonetic spelling of your name and a "Ms." or "Mr." as appropriate. This simple step will tell employers that you "get it" and will leave a lasting, favorable impression.

Of course, the name alone will not get you an interview--you have to back it up with rock solid content. Which brings me to my next point.

It wasn't until I had spent 15 years reviewing, rewriting, and testing countless r�sum� approaches that I had my single, most revolutionary insight:

Bullet Points Don't Work!

Why?  Because bullets have a fundamental flaw. The vast majority of bullets points--more than 99%--fail to answer the question: "So what?"

More often than not, the bullet point is nothing more than a RESPONSIBILITY. From a hiring manager's perspective, responsibilities are not helpful because knowing what you were responsible for and knowing what you actually accomplished are two completely different things. But even listing the accomplishment is not enough. There is a missing ingredient most people never think to include that can make the difference between getting an interview and having your paperwork thrown in the recycle bin.

These are just a few of the ways my thinking on r�sum�s has evolved since the publication of my book, Getting Your Foot in the Door When You Don't Have a Leg to Stand On (McGraw-Hill). I have always been upfront about this because I am constantly learning and applying new techniques. Knowing this, my clients are always asking me  to spell it all out in one place so they have access to the most current thinking.

That's why I decided to create this eBook, R�sum� Bullets Don't Work! (and other surprising issues that may keep your r�sum� from getting the attention it deserves).

Here's what you'll learn....
  • Over 17 specific, real-life examples to demonstrate the points covered in the eBook. These examples cover a wide range of industries and categories including:  public relations, accounting, manufacturing, event planning, information technology, marketing, software development, purchasing, environmental impact, and office management.

  • An actual before/after example of a bullet point that camouflaged an amazing accomplishment. The entry raised more questions than it addressed�none of which would ever have inspired a hiring manager to pick up the phone and invite the person in for an interview. You'll get an in-depth analysis of how we deconstructed the experience and pieced it back together to communicate more powerfully.

R�sum� Strategy

  • Why a r�sum� isn�t always the best tool to get a job (and what is).

  • Why the dictionary definition for r�sum� is wrong and the negative impact this may be having on your approach.

  • Why responsibilities are rarely a good idea to include. To illustrate this point, I have included a specific, real-life example of when/how responsibilities should be included.

Common (and Dangerous) Misconceptions

  • Why your job title may be working against you (and what you can do to more accurately represent your role).

  • What a r�sum� can and cannot do.

  • 2 common r�sum� entries that should almost never be included.

  • Why the �10-year Rule of Thumb� for how far to go back on the r�sum� is frequently not the best approach. I�ll share a different rule of thumb to help you decide what is appropriate for YOU.

  • What r�sum� readers are looking for and why this requires violating the traditional rules of editing.  

Summary Statements

  • When to include summary statements (and how to approach it so you avoid making it the long-winded waste of space these statements usually turn out to be).

  • A real-life Before/After summary statement to show how a person who has difficulty quantifying his or her experience can create a meaningful, memorable impression.

  • The type of job hunter who would miss a big opportunity by NOT including a summary statement. 


Even More

  • How to choose a filename for email attachments that instantly positions you as a savvy, sophisticated job hunter.

  • Spelling errors that frequently show up on r�sum�s. These are important to note because there are a few SpellCheck doesn�t always catch.


Do You Need This eBook?

If you are tired of sending r�sum�s that seem to disappear into the abyss or lead to generic rejections that say little more than "your skills don't meet our needs" ...

If landing a job that truly energizes you and would have you wake up feeling enthusiastic and happy about the day ahead is possibility that intrigues you...

Then, you need to get a copy of this eBook.

But let me be very candid about this. This eBook is about CONTENT rather than format.

This is not about jamming your experience into some cookie-cutter template. If that�s what you are looking for, this eBook won�t help.

This eBook is strictly for people who want to be strategic and are willing to take the time to tell their story in the most effective way. In the end, it means the difference between having a hiring manager think, �This could be anybody in the world including _________� and �There isn�t anyone in the world this could be except __________, and I can�t wait to meet him or her.�

Think about it.

For a fraction of what a one-on-one session would cost, you can learn what it took me 15 years of testing different approaches to discover. You'll also get the insights I've gained in my roles as a:

  • Career coach

  • Company recruiter at advertising giant, Leo Burnett

  • Retained executive headhunter

 So, if you are ready to get this area of your life handled and learn the secrets most job hunters will NEVER uncover--or even fully understand, this will be the best investment you make.

Like all my products, this eBook comes with a 100% guarantee. If you don't think you received at least 10 times the value you paid, I'll refund your money.

Click the "Buy Now" link below and place your order. You'll be glad you did.

Best regards,


Rob Sullivan

P.S.  Sadly, most people will reach the end of their lives never having experienced the THRILL of interviewing at a desirable, top-notch company with a hiring manager who actually looked forward to the  interview because the hiring manager was truly, deeply interested in them. Nor will they know how WONDERFUL it feels to have recruiters trying to convince them to accept an offer. I don't want you to be one of these disappointed people. This eBook will show you how to capture your experience in a truthful, compelling way that gets people exciting about the possibility of meeting you. That's what having a great r�sum� is all about!

P.P.S. This eBook is available via IMMEDIATE download. If you have questions or we can help in any way, just send a message to rob at careercraftsman dot com.   


Rob Sullivan has been instrumental in my career development, playing a key role in two successful job moves over the past 3 years. From re-working my resume and how I viewed my strengths to coaching me on interviewing and job offer negotiations, his help has been invaluable. Rob was able organize and craft my complicated background into a compelling story via my resume. I got more responses from my new resume in the first 3 weeks than I had in the prior 6 months with my old resume. Three recent interviewers specifically commented on how much they liked my resume and how well it answered all of their questions. One recruiter said that mine was his favorite resume and asked if he could use it as an example when working with other clients. He has also helped me to conduct my salary negotiations in a straightforward and open manner that didn�t paint me into a corner. I point all of my friends in the job market to Rob and he holds my highest recommendation.

--John Marcos 

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