Harry Wilson - The Living Eulogy


 Below are the pictures, in order, as they were mentioned in Rob Sullivan's Living Eulogy to Harry Wilson.



The Commuter (new version)

Flying Through The Universe in a Lime Green Hat

Believe in What?

Riding Past the Rich People's Homes...

I Wouldn't Have Missed It For Anything



 The Commuter (new version)- Harry Wilson




 Flying Through The Universe in a Lime Green Hat (as featured on the Eddie From Ohio CD, Big Noise) - Harry Wilson  




  Believe in What? - Harry Wilson




 "Riding past the rich people's homes on Lake Shore Drive as an 8-year-old and dreaming." - Harry Wilson 




For a planet bursting with miracles. For happiness and sadness. For what little I accomplished and even more that I did not. For warm hellos and reluctant goodbyes. So glad I came here. I wouldn�t have missed it for anything.� - Harry Wilson








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